Removable Dentures In Fairfax, VA

Natural Looking & Comfortable Fit

At Skinner and Ossakow, we offer full or partial removable dentures for patients with multiple missing teeth. For a comfortable and secure fit, we first make an accurate mold or impression of your teeth and mouth for a temporary set of dentures. This temporary set will allow us to make adjustments for a flawless, balanced bite. We know that a proper fitting is crucial for daily activities like eating and speaking.

Benefits of our removable dentures include:

  • Encourages better speech
  • Allows you to eat the food you love
  • Restores facial contours for a more youthful appearance

While dentures can take some time to get accustomed to, our dental teams take great efforts to ensure full or partial upper and lower dentures fit you properly. Ask us about the different types of partial dentures we offer. Free consultations are available by calling our friendly representatives at (703) 385-2772 today.

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